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Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers say.

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KriTech's Instant DV Tool is amazing!


I have worked with a couple different Diminished Value companies in the past. One was great and the other was just meh.


I tried KriTech’s Instant DV and it was GREAT and super fast. It was easy to use and took very little time, plus it was very inexpensive compared to the others. 


My collision repair was $4389.19 for a new fender and slight front bumper damage. My diminished value came back at $1926.38. I submitted to the insurance company and was paid without question. I would HIGHLY recommend using this system.

–James Rodis, Woodhouse Collision Centers 

KriTech has great products! We use both reKEY and eAUDIT, but mostly eAUDIT.


It saves me a ton of time and it easily shows the insurance companies what they’ve missed and they are very receptive to the reports, as it make their job easier for them as well.


If I could remove waiting on insurance approvals and parts backlog, these products would significantly improve cycle time. And lastly, I really appreciate your great customer service and tech support. IF I ever have an issue, you guys get it resolved very quickly.

–Kelly Stringer, Reno Paint & Body

We use eAUDIT regularly and just signed up for the reKEY tool and are very excited to try it.


The eAUDIT tool has changed the processes at Probst Auto Body by leaps and bounds! I no longer have to use a highlighter to manually mark up the differences between our estimate and the insurance company’s—eAUDIT does it all for me and saves me VALUABLE time!

Kri-Tech has changed the way we do business. We now have more time in our day to negotiate and to collect the money that the insurance companies owe us; which is a win-win situation for our admin staff and the owner of Probst Auto Body.

–Karla Slifer, Probst Auto Body


This is a Game Changer! We are saving dozens of man hours per week with KriTech's ReKEY Tool.


What used to take my estimators 20 minutes on the short side and often over an hour to re-key estimates, now happens in only minutes!


The best part is that we can invest that saved time back into other tasks while ReKEY does all the work. And there is no waiting in a que for my estimates to be keyed by an offsite 3rd party, estimates are re-keyed on my PCs in real time, on demand.


–David Norris, Owner

eAUDIT has been hugely helpful on my end...

 I deal almost exclusively with supplements and insurance companies and the eAUDIT report is readily accepted by adjusters and easy to decipher all the changes needed.

KriTech’s eAUDIT tool has allowed us to stop keying in insurance estimates and/or scheduling off their labor hours and we can now schedule accurately (off of our more precise estimate) and still have a report showing the necessary differences. We also have no need to match insurance supplements, which often led to errors both internally and externally. All in all, Kri-Tech’s software solutions are saving our shop so much time in many aspects.

–Bryan Rossin, Kilkeary's Auto Body

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