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Have you written a complete repair plan for your customer’s vehicle only to have the insurance company or responsible party cut repairs that are necessary to complete a SAFE & PROPER repair plan and then you have to spend valuable time comparing what the insurance company paid for show the customer what they have to pay out of pocket?


Let Kri-Tech Solutions' ESTIMATE AUDIT software take care of it for you! Within just a minute or two you can generate a detailed report, itemizing the difference between your Repair Plan / Estimate and the insurance or 3rd party's estimate. The report will show you immediately what they missed.


Use the report as a supplement report to get paid on the items they forgot or left off or simply give it to your customer as an itemized list of what their insurance covered and what the customer is responsible to pay. 


eAUDIT is available as a monthly subscription. Ask your sales rep about VIP pricing if you are a Collision Hub or Collision Advice member.

(*Currently working with CCCOne/US Product & Mitchell to Mitchell only.)

Unlimited monthly*                        $99** ($135 CAD)       

Start-up Fee                                         $45     (  $65 CAD)        

Additional Workstations            $15     (  $21  CAD)


Compare insurance estimates against your shop’s estimate to automatically generate a supplement summary report laid out in three easy-to-read sections. Watch the video to hear more about how it works.

Complete the form and someone will contact you right away to get you set up.

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